Aloo (potato) Paratha

Local Region: India


onion – 2
potato – 7
oil – 1 tsp
flour – 1 cup
ghee, salt, and green chilies to taste.

Cooking Instructions

Boil the potatoes and add finely chopped fried onions to the mashed potatoes.  Add finely chopped green chilies to the mix and add salt to taste.  Mix one teaspoon salt and oil to the flour and prepare a dough by kneading the flour with water.  Divide the dough into smaller parts.  Take one part and flatten it out in round shape.  Put the potato stuffing into the dough and flatten it out once more using the roller.  Put the paratha on the stove and roast it with ghee.  Serve with a dollop of dahi on the side.

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